Hotels Rate Shopping Data API

Are you interested in hotel rates data?

We can provide you all the data used for displaying charts on this site and much more. We haven't implemented visualizations for all the data we have available.

We have made it super easy for third party software such as hotel PMS systems to connect to our data.

Easily export your data to spreadsheets or access raw data directly through our API. Unlike our competitors, we shape our services around your needs, not vice versa.

You may import this data into your existing systems. We will make sure you get the data in a format that is easiest to import into your systems.

Per hotel or per city pricing?

Our prices are per city. Per hotel pricing makes sense only if there is somebody manually typing in the data for each hotel.

Our top package gives you unlimited cities and unlimited hotels for a flat fee. That means you get the rates for any hotel in the world for a fixed price.

Multiple Sources

You can distinguish from where the search results were collected. There is a field called "origin" in our data that tells you from which OTA the data originates.

Each OTA use their own ids for locations and hotels. We include their ids in our data but we also assign a unique city and hotel ids to them. This way you get consolidated data across different sources.

Why is our data unique?

  • We don't use traditional web crawlers/spiders to collect our data. They are usually blocked by OTAs or served wrong data.
  • Our data is collected throughout the day from different cities worldwide (mostly US and Europe).
  • Data collection is fast. It takes less than an hour to refresh it for the hotels in a city like New York. You can attain near real-time hotel rates information.
  • It is accurate. It is collected from many different sources and reviewed to make sure it is correct.
  • New competing hotel setup is automated. There are no setup fees. The hotel data is available immediately.
  • You can request data at any time that suites you. You can refresh it throughout the day.
  • We don't want to cause any harm to OTAs. Our main focus is to provide the hotels (which provide all the data to the OTAs) a way to check how their data is used.

Why not use data from GTA, Expedia, MIKI, Hotel Beds,...?

  • We encourage you to use their data.
  • Use our data to make sure that what they provide is also what is displayed online to the users.

Available data


  • Check-in & Check-out dates
  • Days ahead of check-in (lead days)
  • Number of nights
  • Number of adults
  • Number of children
  • Number of rooms
  • Trip type (work, pleasure)
  • Source (OTAs, hotel site,...)
  • Filters used (star rating, review score, property type, chain,...)


  • Sort order used for displaying search results
  • Search results position
  • Search results page
  • OTA placement position
  • Average rating/score/reputation
  • Number of reviews
  • Property id, name and address
  • Property coordinates
  • Property class
  • Property type (hotel, appartment, resort,...)
  • Is it a deal of the day, bestseller
  • Is it a value deal
  • Is it a new property
  • When was the property last booked
  • Additional data (when will the hotel sell out all their rooms, free cancellation, calls to action shown to the users)


  • Room price
  • Currency
  • Room discount
  • Number of rooms available at the price
  • Room type
  • Room area
  • Max occupancy for the room
  • Is breakfast included
  • Is halfboard included
  • Is free cancellation offered
  • Is credit card needed
  • Is prepayment needed
  • Is it a secret room deal shown only to the logged-in users


  • Number of available properties for the destination
  • Number of all properties for the destination
  • Destination type (city, region,...)
  • Destination id used by the source site


  • Location from which the data was collected
  • Language used on the source site
  • Was data collected as a logged-in user
  • Timezone of the user who collected the data
  • ...

If you are looking for a data not on this list we will be glad to hear about it. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.