Rate Shopping Robots

Are You Interested In a New Kind Of Hotel Rate Shopping Robots?

Our robot is different then what others are using. We don't use traditional web crawlers/spiders to collect the data. They are usually blocked by the OTAs or served wrong data. One day OTAs will pull a switch and most existing rate shoppers will be unable to collect the data.

Traditional scrapers have to find proxies that are not blocked by OTAs. Or even worse: OTAs just serve false data if requests come from the proxies.

This is why we don't use classical server bots. Our robot is a browser based robot. You don't need proxies to avoid being blacklisted when using our robot. Crawling is distributed and harder to detect. OTAs are probably not aware that our robot is used on their site.

The robots run on a user’s local machine which makes the “getting blocked” problem a much smaller issue. The robots can also collect data as a signed in user.

That is a very cool option for rate and data gathering for a revenue manager.

Have You Heard About SPAs?

SPA stands for Single Page App. The new LinkedIn site is a SPA.

Why is this relevant? One day OTAs will switch to SPA sites as well.

Again; why is this important? SPAs load their data after the initial page is loaded. The pages are refreshed without requesting a new page from the server.

Most rate shoppers request the data from the OTA's servers. They will receive a page without the data. They will become useless.

Our robots will not be affected by a switch to a SPA. They will keep collecting data.

Fully Automated Browser Based Robots

Our robots are automated even if they run in a browser.

  • Setup a robot for each destination.
  • Set the repeat frequency (e.g. Daily at 9:00am).
  • Set the options for a search (LOS, Pax, Class).
  • Open a browser tab and activate the robot.
  • Robot will collect the data for all setups.

Do You Wish To License Our Robots?

You can use our rate-shopping solution on your own servers.

We will install our robot and complete back-end at your infrastructure (you can use any hosting provider or your own servers). You would also have access to the source code (so that you remove the dependency on our company).

You can outsource the maintenance of the system to our company or do it on your own. If you don't have the developers in house we will provide any maintenance and development needed by you.

Please contact us and let us know if you are interested in licensing our technology.

Robot Setup

Robot Setup Automated
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